What Does Toronto Have in Store for Hockey Fans?

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It does not seem that Toronto is ever going to lose its reputation for being one of the “most happening” cities in all of Canada. Quite a lot goes on all throughout the year in this amazing town, which is why so many tourists choose to venture here for a vacation.

And then there are the sports lovers. People who are rabid about their favorites sports and teams do spend a lot of time traveling to cities known for their game play excitement. Hockey is the primo sport people follow in Canada and Toronto has a long and storied history for presenting some amazing hockey games. The Toronto Maple Leafs club have long since established itself as one of the greatest NHL franchises in history. No matter what team from Canada or the USA the Maple Leafs play, you can feel confident you are going to see a very exciting game.

What does the 2014/2015 season have in store for Maple Leaf and other hockey fans? A lot of action is going to take place when the top teams in the NHL test their skills against the Maple Leafs.

The regular season games are not the only things going on in Toronto. 2014 saw the first ever “Leafs Nation Fanfest” and surely there will be other such similar, enjoyable events in the future. Early September features the Rookie Tournament, which is always packed with excitement.

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